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Negotiate Tax Debt for Problem Resolutions With CPA in Boise, ID

As stated on our Income Tax Strategies page, we all know nobody likes paying taxes. If you've had difficulty filing or paying your taxes in the past, avoidance of the problem is your worst enemy. Getting some help from Sager CPA and Advisors is the first step in making tax filing season less of a nightmare. We also provide IRS tax audit accounting support, so please contact our team of experienced financial advisors if you are facing an audit.  Our experienced staff serve clients in all 50 states and even internationally.  Don't let locale stop you from getting the help you need.
Negotiate Tax Debt for Problem Resolutions With CPA in Boise, ID
Negotiate Tax Debt for Problem Resolutions With CPA in Boise, ID

We Negotiate With The IRS to Reduce Back Taxes for Tax Resolutions

If you owe the IRS back taxes for whatever reason, please take advantage of the expertise of a certified public accountant. Having someone who is on your side and knows the IRS negotiation process is invaluable to you and your business. The best accountants may help you save considerable money through tax debt resolution.
According to the IRS website (Source), following the procedures below answers the question, "Can you negotiate with the IRS on back taxes?" You can, and here's how:

🔘 Hire an accountant
This isn't part of the IRS's recommendations, but it makes the following steps much easier.
🔘 Make sure you are eligible
Your eligibility is based on past tax returns you've filed and past payments you may or may not have made.
🔘 Submit your offer for payment
The details of the forms and fees are linked on the IRS website as well. (Source)
🔘 Select a payment option
The two main categories are a lump sum payment or a periodic payment schedule.
🔘 Understand the process
This is where a good accountant can most work in your favor. He or she will help you learn what you should be looking for among your business records (another reason accurate bookkeeping is important for small businesses), notices from the IRS, and possibilities for acceptance or denial of your proposed payment.
🔘 Take appropriate steps if your offer is accepted
This generally means submitting requested documents and staying up-to-date on your negotiated payment.
🔘 Take appropriate steps if your offer is rejected
If your offer is rejected, you may be able to appeal.
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DIFFICULTIES with the IRS are always made worse by ignoring them.

At Sager CPA and Advisors, our goal is to help you get you in good standing again so that your financial obligations are less of a burden and you can move forward both in your business and personal finances.

The first step in advancing with tax resolution services is to give us a call at 208-939-6029 or
Contact Us so that Sager CPA and Advisors can gear up as your guide through negotiating tax debt. It's possible, and we're here to support you.